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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal in November 2018






Nepal - the land of peace where Yoga is found in its sacred form. The great Himalayas scattering its devotional brilliance, assorted with the mesmeric charm of picturesque waterfalls welcomes you to fall in love with the ancient yogic knowledge of Yoga. Bless yourself with the yogic wisdom of the purest form while you attend the 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Nepal. The soul-stirring air of November’s pleasant winter in Nepal will witness your introduction to the elementary level of yogic education.


Event Description:


The 200 hour program marks the first step towards the epitome of Yoga. The event gives you an opportunity to have a glimpse of traditional Yoga and its multiple facets. Have a look at the core highlights of the elementary level Yoga teacher training in Nepal:


● Understand Yoga- its meaning and theories along with the historical significance of the science in detail.
● Get acquainted with the practical teachings of Yoga.
● Study based on the traditional and contemporary version of Yoga with more emphasis on Hatha Yoga and mindfulness training.
● Introduction to Pranayama, the breathing Yoga to control the human body metabolism.
● Give yourself to the practice of Meditation in the backdrop of the snow-laden mountains.
● Explore the yogic science in context to the human anatomy to understand the meaning of each asana.
● Adjustment and Alignment training for correcting the body posture during asanas.
● Education of Ayurveda and the role of this science in the life of a yogi.
● Lectures on the roles and responsibilities of a Yoga teacher and how to transform you into a peerless Yoga master with practical training of Teaching Methodology.
● Learn the art of yogic purification with a detailed study of Shat Kriyas.
● Mantra chanting and Satsang for mental equilibrium and spiritual energy.
● Guided excursions and visits to multiple places of natural importance.


Food and Accommodation: We, the YTN team believe in a successful training event which cannot be possible without soul-nourishing diets and yogic accommodation. Our adept chefs prepare highly delectable meals that are served thrice a day at the Yoga center that imitate a Vedic style Yoga ashram. The food is completely vegetarian and follows the Ayurvedic school of diet. Wake up in the morning with the first glimpse of the Sun’s scintillating crescent coming through the Himalayan valleys. Our rooms are neat and clean with all the basic facilities such as twin-beds, fan, light, etc. Enjoy your leisure sitting in the lush garden by the Pokhara Lake.


Fee Details: USD 1500 for a shared room and USD 1700 for a single room.


For more information about our programs, kindly visit our website: www.yogatrainingnepal.com


About Yogatrainingnepal.com: Yogatrainingnepal.com is an international platform for all those Yoga enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the beauty of Yoga in Nepal. We are a team of passionate yogis and nature lovers who take immense pride in presenting you the most fascinating yogic experience with Yoga events in Nepal. We organize various kinds of Yoga retreats and Yoga TTC programs in the Himalayan kingdom in association with Rishikul Yogshala, an international Yoga school.